How does Glocalme Hotspot Work

Global Portable Wifi-Enjoy faster internet from everywhere

  • Why Portable WiFi
  • How it works
  • Choose device
  • Customize data plan
  • Connect and enjoy

How does a GlocalMe Portable WiFi work?

It automatically chooses the strongest mobile signal and transforms it into a private WiFi network connecting your different smart devices, which is based on our patented cloudSIM technology.

How to choose device?
  • Speed
  • HyperConn™
  • Your Own SIM Card
  • Touch Screen
Choose Your Data Plan
Flexible data plan or enjoy pay as you go.
See Coverage in 140+ Countries
Connect and enjoy
Get GlocalMe APP, easily control and use.
  • Install the GlocalMe APP to
    activate your pocket WiFi
  • Pay as you go,
    Choose as you like
  • Enjoy the connection
    wherever you are